Organic Muslin Cotton

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100% Organic cotton

3 units of 30 × 30 cm


Cruelty Free

V-Label certificate


15.50 VAT included

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Pack of 3 organic muslin cloths, ideal for your daily facial cleansing. The special yarn will help you achieve softer skin thanks to its light exfoliating action. With this pack of muslin cloths, you can even reuse its packaging. So, say goodbye to cotton discs, and contribute to a Greener world


Moisten the muslin with warm water to stimulate the opening of pores and soak it in your usual make-up remover. Rinse and wipe your face again to remove the remains of the make-up remover.Rinse the cloth, leave it to dry and it will be ready for your next cleansing routine. 

You can put it in the washing machine and reuse it as many times as you want.


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