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Our Philosophy

Kóoch Green Cosmetics is inspired by the south of the world – by Tierra del Fuego, where KOOCH was the creator of everything and denizen of the heavens. There, lived a little-known, extinct people named the Selk’nam. 

In that world, the youngest of the Selk’nam would participate in an initiation ceremony known as “Hain”. This ceremony was full of art and ritual designs and they used feathers, masks and paints to decorate their bodies . It is these very details that have been present in all of the creative process of Kóoch Green Cosmetics, giving our firm a clear style and identity.

Kóoch Green Cosmetics was born to be part of your little daily rituals. We contribute with the quality of our products and our GREEN philosophy to ensure that you achieve the luxury of both feeling good and being part of this movement.

At Kóoch Green Cosmetics, we choose natural products that are formulated to keep all skin types young and healthy. This includes even the most sensitive ones, thanks to the use of the highest-quality raw materials and production processes that are responsible, vegan and certifiable.  

The commitment that we have towards the environment that sustains us – its flora and fauna; and being an Honest brand are key pillars that motivate Kóoch Green Cosmetics. We want to be an active part of the causes that ensure on this this planet a place there is a special place for everybody. Do you share our philosophy?