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Our Story

If like me, you’re a lover of natural products, and you like to care for yourself with cosmetics of certified quality that are both vegan and ethical, then this is the option for you.  

“Nothing is impossible, as long as you make it your top priority.”

Kóoch Green Cosmetics was born thanks to this premise. It is an independent, organic cosmetics firm that owes its name to Selknam mythology, and it is the result of a dream – my personal dream. 

My name is Lissette Anziani. I am a Chilean woman based in Galicia and I would like to tell you what has been the driving force behind this adventure.

My professional experience is very diverse; it has taken me from Chilean Patagonia to the Rias Baixas in Galicia, and thanks to my academic background in Chemical Sciences, it has always been closely related to the natural environment.  

“…Living in Chilean Patagonia is an experience, that through one way or another, has made me value the most valuable thing that we have – nature and life.

Indeed it is true that my link to cosmetics has not always been as close as it is today, but my mother’s interest and her endless uncertainties when she became involved in the world of handmade soaps gave me the impulse to start my research and the eagerness to find the healthiest elements of the highest-quality to make my own products.    

This experience led me to think of creating my own cosmetics line and to convey in some way, the idea of bringing our skin and nature closer together and share the passion for healthy living – all based on a philosophy of ethical responsiblity.  

By bringing together all of these ingredients and adding a large dose of enthusiasm, the perfect cocktail was made to kick-start and give life to Kóoch Green Cosmetics

If you share this philosophy, I would like to invite you to be part of our Green universe. Pass by our store and subscribe to the newsletter to receive information about offers and new products.